Just like high school: The Flatliners – Dead Language

The Flatliners are a band that I have been listening to for a long-ass time, way back when I saw them perform at my very first Warped Tour, the last show that would be held at Molson Park. The album they were playing in support of then was “Destroy to Create”, which showcased the band at the height of their ska-punk shenanigans.

It’s been a couple of years since then, seeing the band undergo a substantial sound change and the release of 2007’s “The Great Awake” and 2010’s “Cavalcade”. Both of these albums lay in the clear-cut domain of punk rock, or at least the definition that is most subscribed too.

Musically this meant less zaniness, better riffs, more emotion and more cohesive songwriting. “Dead Language” follows proudly in the footprints of both it’s predecessors, delivering a hefty slab of “traditional” punk rock with enough spit ‘n’ venom to keep it from falling in with the pale-faced hordes of lesser bands.

All the standards are here, sad song, fast song, angry song, sad-angry song, sad-angry-fast song. All of them are played well, with a tightness that comes from being a band for the last 11 years. It’s an irrefutably solid record from an irrefutably solid band and there isn’t much you need to know past that.

The Flatliners Facebook

Lyric video for “Drown in Blood”



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