Aural Savagery: Primitive Man – Scorn

Primitive Man are a crossover doom band from Denver. They released their debut LP, “Scorn”, during August of this year. “Scorn” is the most evil thing you will hear all month, even if you spent your evenings conducting an orchestra of chalkboard scrapers.

Imagine every time I’ve used overly descriptive language in reference to something evil, brutal, vile or destructive. Now combine all of that, drench it in tar and moose blood, light it on fire and throw it down a ravine. That is what a journey through these ten tracks feels like. It’s not just that Primitive Man are crushingly heavy, they’re oppressively heavy. The difference is subtle, like the difference between splitting a skull with a crowbar versus grinding it in a vice.

Sludge is slow, this is fucking life-sucking. It’s all sharp edges and heavy hits, dragged out at a torturous pace designed for you to realize that, at the end of the day, you are nothing more than a ungodly sack of meat that is slobbering, groping and shitting your way towards a six foot hole in the dirt.

It’s fucking grim man.

Alternating between scathing waves of fuzz and extended samples of horror-movie ambiance, it is not an easy listen. For example, “Black Smoke”, is one of the fucking creepiest things I have listened to. Period. At first confused, I ended up being genuinely disturbed by the time the first riff kicked my door down and cut out my liver.

So fair warning to all. If your not someone who listens to heavy music on the regular, “Scorn” may just send you running to a dark corner to hug your knees and reconsider life. Embrace the soul-numbing evil with open arms or prepare yourself for the rapture, links lie below.

Primitive Man Facebook

Primitive Man Bandcamp



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