These jams go deep: Earthless – Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky

This is not a review.

Earthless is a psychedelic rock band from California. They have released two albums since 2005. Their newest, “From the Ages”, will be released on October 8th. Which is tomorrow. I will probably post something about that album in the near future.

Earthless make fucking epic length jams that consist of nothing more than some of the hardest guitar wankery this side of the seventies and a rhythm section that has their shit locked down tighter than Alcatraz. You’re either going to immediately love what you hear or be confused at how there are no actual songs, just 20+ minute guitar solos.

I consider myself part of the former group.

Earthless Facebook


2 Responses to “These jams go deep: Earthless – Rhythms from a Cosmic Sky”

  1. Huge earthless fan. I didn’t know they had a new album coming out, thanks for the heads up.

    Also check out ‘stoned jesus’ – been listening to them on YT as well.


    • I used to listen to Stoned Jesus after their first EP came out but lost interest after because they totally changed their vibe. Less long slow and evil, more average throwback rock.

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