Raw Meat and Bloody Potatoes: Loathe – Wolves in the Fold

Alrighty. Lets see what we got here.

Loathe are a death metal band from Malta which is a really freaking small island somewhere between Italy and the top of Africa.  They’re billed as “Malta’s premier metal band” which will be a hard claim to dispute, with the entire population of the island clocking in somewhere under 500,000.

Stylistically you may have heard me use the phrase “meat and potatoes” before and this fits Loathe to a fucking T. Meat and potatoes is a band who doesn’t get crazy, doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel and doesn’t try to make anything more than some rock solid, ass kicking tunes. There is no experimenting or attempts at progression, merely song after song of excellently written, headbang-till-you-die, death fucking metal.

Loathe lay the aggression on thick and heavy, with their particular sound lying at the intersection of death, groove and melodic. Hammering double-kick gallops, low-end chug riffs and just a couple flayed fretboards to keep the formula interesting. The vocals are fittingly brutal, a solid medley of boar squeal and guttural moans. The playing is on point, the songs are tight, the grooves are fucking titanic and the whole thing is garnished with classic brutality.

So if your tired of all that pretentious guitar wanking and just want some music to back your Tuesday-night session of headbanging and horn throwing, Loathe have got you more than covered. Bonus? They all seem like pretty awesome dudes, if their video for “Bucketlove” is any example.

Bottom line, click play, get messy.

Loathe Facebook

Loathe Bandcamp


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