Old and Found (FUCK SMASH DESTROY): Minor Threat and Cro-mags

Yeah, I can’t imagine these two bands getting along with the two I previously mentioned. Just a small difference in philosophies, among other things.

So. Minor Threat and Cro-mags. Chances are if you’ve been listening to heavy music for any length of time you know who these guys are, know what they’re about and don’t need me to say another goddamn thing about them. Cro-mags are responsible for crossover thrash and Minor Threat are the (inadvertent) Messiahs of straightedge. Minor Threat has a library of one album, while Cro-mags managed to get out a (comparatively) staggering five albums.

Why should you care?

Well I think that the much-lauded singular Minor Threat release is a pretty fucking awesome collection of early punk rock delivered with some honest to god spit ‘n’ venom. I also believe they did have something important to say, even though it did get blown up to unexpected results.

Cro-mags? Well it’s dirty, nasty, mean and is gonna leave a kink in your neck and probably a couple holes in your wall. What, you expected a dissertation or something?

More than anything, me listening to these bands was a history lesson for me, as sometimes you just have to wonder what kind of batshit insanity spawned today’s heavy music scene. Anyway. Listen or don’t, it is really up to you.

(You should listen)

Minor Threat Wiki

Cro-mags Wiki


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