An update and proof I’m not totally dead.

Hellllooooooooo…..? [Desolate echo]

I figured as much.

It’s my own fault really, being too goddamn unmotivated to actually put some text down about the music I’ve been listening too. It seems like a fairly simple concept, no? It’s one I’ve been having some trouble with. No matter how much I can be jamming to an album, sometimes the words just elude my fat head.

Anyway I decide to compose this post for other reasons than a self-deprecating circle jerk. I was also gonna tell y’all what’s been happening and what I’ve had the pleasures of listening too.

– First thing. Back in school, final year. Wooooo. I guess.

– Got my first pair of fancy headphones, AKG K240’s. All I can say is damn, I don’t know why I waited so long.

Now music. The past month or so has been an absolute smorgasbord of genres, decades and artists. Everything from critically regarded jazz greats to some of the most commercial pop-punk of the 90’s. I’ve been covering it all. So in no particular order, here you go:

– I’ve been digging heavily into the Funkadelic catalog and finding nothing but some of the best jams around. There is a reason Funkadelic is lauded as one of the greatest funk bands of all time and “One Nation Under Groove” is that reason.

– I picked up The Melvins “Stag” at a second hand store and it is nothing more than another flash of mastermindfuckery from arguable one of the most important and influential bands in alt-rock/metal.

– At the same time I got “%100 Dynamite – Ska, Soul, Rocksteady and Funk in Jamaica” which was an extremely pleasant surprise. This was packed full of some seriously heavy grooves that kept me noddin’ for hours. I didn’t know any of the artists or songs on this comp but that made enjoying the whole thing that much sweeter. Sorry, I couldn’t find a link for this one.

– I gave my first full listen to Oscar Peterson’s “Soul Espanol” which was full of ear-tickling jems that even my mother would enjoy. I don’t have the knowledge or experience to really comment on a prodigious a player as Mr. Peterson but his discog. and history speak for themselves. This man shreds piano. Burning ivory shreds piano kinda deal.

– Annnnnd in the metal-verse I’ve been positivly cranking the new releases from Revocation and Nekrogoblikon (“Revocation” and “Power” respectively) Both are bowel and brain rupturingly awesome, with Revocation laying down a very tight and straightforward record and Nekrogoblikon expanding their massive cloud of stench, despair and gore.

– I also listened to Smashmouth’s debut LP, “Fush Yu Mang”. It was fast, fun and got the job done. I’m only semi-ashamed to be writing this.

So there. You should go find all these albums and give them a listen.


Because some idiot with a keyboard on the internet told you to. That’s why.


4 Responses to “An update and proof I’m not totally dead.”

  1. Well, the newest thing here is the Nekrogoblikon video, which is almost two weeks old. So technically this could have been written as long ago as that, and, theoretically, scheduled for publication today. So your so-called “proof” isn’t very conclusive…

  2. Hello…. is anybody out there? Just nod if you can here me….

    Good find on the Melvins. They are one of those bands that guys just older than me – the 80’s punk/metal guys – constantly bring up but somehow i haven’t listed to much. Enjoying Stag now.

    Thanks – Tim

    • Is a blink ok?

      It was the same deal for me, I started listening to their music after hearing muttered conversations outside of shows. It’s something I’m pretty glad I discovered later in my musical history though.

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