NUMBER ONE: Stallone – American Baby

Stallone is a band I previously mentioned a long-ass time ago, after the release of their first demo. They are made up of multiple ex-members of several different bands, most notably, Torche.

“American Baby” was released on the 30th of October, 2012. It contains five songs and costs $5. Stallone play a new-wave, instrumental combination of sludge, stoner metal and rock ‘n’ roll. Facebook and Bandcamp links are at the bottom of the page.

I wish I had found this album when it had been released because it has some of the best goddamn riffage I’ve heard in a recent while. Every song has one original, deep-seated, earworm of a riff, which is a feat in itself when most bands can barely manage one. The easiest comparison to draw is an instrumental Torche, with pop rock song structures and melodies played at maximum levels of reverb and fuzz.

It’s a potent combination and gives the entire collection of tracks an overwhelming sense of fun. Only stopping to slow down for the track “The Battle of Miami”, Stallone spend the rest of their time schralping along at a finger-bleeding pace, slamming back gallons of the fuzzy stuff and belching out killer song after killer song.  The playing is tight. The riffs are spot on. The songwriting is concise and the grooves are DEEP. Do you really need anything else?

Top Track: “Beyond” – DAT RIFF. DAT GROOVE.

Stallone Facebook

Stallone Bandcamp


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