Shitrock from the Heartland: Morality Crisis

An idle click on a Facebook post led to an interview conducted by the Sludgelord. This interview then led me to a Bandcamp page and a freshly uploaded album. This fresh new album then led me to the emergency room with a shattered pelvis and hemorrhaging eyeballs.

The band is Morality Crisis and the album is “Boats”. Released in June of this year, this is the third output from a band that has flow under the radar for most of their career. They declare themselves as shitrock, a label I’m going to stick to since hardcore-sludge-prog-metal doesn’t have quite the same delivery that shitrock does.

Say it out loud right now. Shitrock. Sounds good doesn’t it?

In aural form, shitrock transforms into a schizophrenic hodgepodge of bowel-rupturing low-end riffage, blood-soaked bestial growls and an unrelenting cannon of bass kicks and snare snaps. It’s a musical monster that would make Dr. Frankenstein quit his day job and cause Dr. Josef Heiter to throw in his scalpel and take up crocheting.

No holds barred and less fucks given, Morality Crisis seem to play whatever they feel like playing as the moment strikes them. Frothing waves of sludge rock come crashing up against a glowing purple beach of proggy interludes, leaving the shoreline covered in a glistening purple sludge and acid froth. This is the bleached bones and rotting carcass kind of beach, not the dog walkers and family picnic kind.

The entire thing is driven into a convulsing frenzy with a very hardcore-like conviction and corrosive venom. No matter what province of the musical spectrum they happen to be squatting in it always sounds evil. Exposed teeth and hackles raised, with blood on their breath; they make it quite clear from the opening of “Enormous Fucking Death Ass Knife” (Yes that’s a fucking awesome name) that they are here for the slaughter, not the reception.

With the tone set, Morality Crisis plunge forward with an animal ferocity, cranking out a truly shitrocking collection of riffs scattered through a staggering array of tempo changes and mood swings. My descriptions up to this point might make this album sound too insane, too frenetic and may leave the casual observer to walk off in search of greener pastures.

However this is not the case, as these boys have the musical chops to restrain their ravenous appetites and produce a collection of seven tracks that will not only confidently fuck your earholes but will also please them greatly. All of the schizo and math elements are well executed and never overshadow the rotten core of sludgy good grooves. Just look at the closing shrieks of “Anxiety Rifle”, that is one helluva neck cracking good vibe.

Shitrock, math-sludge, sludgecore, schizofucked; Whatever you want to call it, Morality Crisis have birthed themselves a winner with “Boats”. It might not be pretty and it sure as hell isn’t friendly but it’ll have you punching walls and headbanging in no time.

“Boats” is up for a name-your-price option on Bandcamp and as always, don’t be a dickbag and give the bastards some money. Links, streams and the video for “Enormous Fucking Death Ass Knife” below.

Morality Crisis Facebook

Morality Crisis Bandcamp



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