One Funeral and Two Baptisms: The Death, Dissolution and Re-Constitution of Barn Burner

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while but being the slack-jawed donkey I am, didn’t get around to it until now.

Barn Burner were a Montreal based NWOBHM band that were a fresh breath of stale beer and bong smoke to what had become an under-appreciated genre. They provided us with two riff-laden full-lengths, “Bangers” and “Bangers II – Scum of the Earth” which served as a large amount of insperation for me to start this blog and were part of my first trio of posts. Since then I’ve managed to see them live as often as possible and have had them in near constant rotation on my iPod.

However on April 22nd we were informed that Barn Burner are no more, as the members had decided to move onwards and upwards to new projects. It’s always sad to see a band break up, especially one that was the soundtrack for many a beer-guzzling night, with a never ending supply of catchy riffs, splintering solos and fucking wonderful grooves.

So in honor of the Church of the Riff’s first funeral, you are commanded to crack a beer, snap your knobs off at eleven and give Barn Burner the only send-off they deserve, a fuckin’ rippin’ one.

You can catch them on their last couple shows, I’ll see y’all in Toronto.

June 20 Hamilton ON @ This Ain’t Hollywood
June 21 Toronto ON @ Bovine Sex Club
June 22 London ON @ Call The Office

July 13 Montreal QC @ Turbo Haus


But! I did mention that the members of Barn Burner were moving on to bigger and better things did I not?

Well yes I did.

The death of Barn Burner has given us two new bands to baptiste (In case you were wondering we use a 50/20/30 mix of cheap beer, whisky and old bong water),  Mountain  Dust and Hashed Out. The former is somewhat similar to Barn Burner but with a more mournful tinge and a very southern vibe. Hashed Out is a good ol’ fashioned crust/d-beat band that would be just as happy to shake your hand as crack your skull.

I’ll have more on these bands in the coming weeks but for now here is the associated links and Bandcamp streams.

Mountain Dust Facebook

Mountain Dust Bandcamp

Hashed Out Facebook

Hashed Out Bandcamp


2 Responses to “One Funeral and Two Baptisms: The Death, Dissolution and Re-Constitution of Barn Burner”

  1. Well. This is welcome news. I did hear about the disbanding of the band, and that’s unfortunate, but I was not aware of the rest of the story. So thanks for passing along those additional details!

  2. […] been 5 long years since the perennial Church favourites, Barn Burner, called it quits, but now, in the long […]

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