Dim lights, smokey rooms and Tumbleweed Dealer

Hi there.

Time to round out the May 24 weekend with some new jams from Montreal’s Tumbleweed DealerI talked about their previous demo, “Death Rides Southwards” right here and boy, was it a precursor to something wonderful. “Death Rides Southwards” was a solid little collection of tracks, which showed a band fleshing out it’s territory and truly cementing their sound in the resin.

Now with their first self-titled full length, released late this April, Tumbleweed Dealer have more than cemented their sound, they’ve crafted some truly insidiously sinuating jams. A true and proper follow up, everything that made their EP so enjoyable is present and amplified in full force.

The mellow, meandering grooves that define their sound continue their patient onslaught on your ears, with a whole new repertoire of riffs, melodies and grooooves to sit you down and suck you right in. It feels like a spiritual combination of post-rock and stoner, with the stoner being of the swamp variety and the post-rock being of the endless jam session variety. So if you want to get wordy with genres you can call it post-stoner, but you won’t do that, because you’re too baked and this album is too damn enthralling.

Finger-pickin’-good guitar lines frolic merrily with a chocolate-and-peanut butter low end and percussion section. Everything works together to craft deep, like triple bottomless deep, grooves. Like seriously head nodding shit. For example, instead of spending the last ten minutes writing something witty and clever to aptly describe this album, I just stared at the electric outlet on the wall across from me and slowly bobbed my head.

We’re talking about those kinds of grooves people.

So yeah. I’m not even going to try to fill up more space with meaningless words that can be replaced by you scrolling down a couple of centimeters and clicking play on the bandcamp stream. So just go do that eh?

“Tumbleweed Dealer” is on Bandcamp for the sticky icky price of $4.20.

Tumbleweed Dealer Facebook

Tumbleweed Dealer Bandcamp


One Response to “Dim lights, smokey rooms and Tumbleweed Dealer”

  1. I missed the posts last week (stupid google reader) but this is a great find. Listened thru 2 times. Excellent.


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