Three big albums that I’m to damn lazy to review individually … and stuff.

Alright, here’s arguably the three biggest releases, well biggest to me at least, that occurred where I was gone. I’ll spew a little something and link you to a more in-depth review if you’re so inclined. First up…

Clutch – Earth Rocker

Clutch are goddamn god-tier when it comes to meat, potatoes and gravy rock’n’roll. They are masters of the riff and downright dominate when it comes to cranking out non-stop, cock-swinging, balls-out, sell-your-children-to-buy-a-Harley good times. Does “Earth Rocker” change a single thing? No it damn well does not.

Eleven tracks of Clutch doing what they do best, playing meaty-as-hell rock’n’roll. This isn’t some artsy-fartsy fairy shit wearing corduroys, a shitty beard and a ironic smirk. This is a hairy gut sticking out of stained blue jeans and wrapped in a leather vest. This is what that guy at the Beer Store listens to when he isn’t standing around looking like he just walked out of a swamp.

MetalSucks Review


KEN mode – Entrench

I had been talking about this album for quite a bit before my “vacation” and it was definitely worth all the gabbing. KEN mode return with another unstoppable onslaught of their Canadian buzzsaw choir. Running on bile, bad intentions and musical efficiency  “Entrech” is a much more straightforward and vicious animal than their most recent work, “Venerable”.

Want a soundtrack to demolish your house with? This is an excellent starting point. This is an album of non-stop sharp edges and massive weights, meant to pummel and slice you into a quivering fleshly mass who is only capable of mewling for more. They skirt a line between math, hardcore and noise, exiting the other side like Satan’s raccoon of death.

The Needle Drop Review


Kvelertak – Meir

I have been really, really, REALLY EXCITED for this album. Kvelertak’s S/T debut is easily one of my favorite albums of all time and will always be irresistible for it’s scathing combination of black metal and boot-cut rock and roll. While certain internet publications found this album less than stellar, I think that is a whole bunch of fooey, as these Norwegian hell raisers have again returned with a collection of mug smashing, mead pounding, get-drunk-and-fight music.

“Meir” changes the black metal/rock split from an even 50/50 to something closer to a 70/30, heavy on the rock side. This causes no qualms for me because this album fucking grooooves. Just head down, horns up type shit with a good helping of skin-festering blast-beats mixed in. It’s unrelenting and literally as fun as Hell, because Satan seems like he knows how to have a good time.

The Needle Drop Review



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