The Shining Won’t Forget

Shining are a Norwegian band who play a completely and utterly fucked up combination of jazz, black metal and pure evil. They’re not to be confused with Sweden’s Shining who play a much more traditional form of black metal, that while being quite good, doesn’t come anywhere near the white-hot mentality of the Norwegian version.

Their last release, “Blackjazz” was an absolutely mind-melting trip of epic proportions, requring several sit-down-and-listenthroughs before even coming to grips with what the hell had hit you. Personally, I think their sound is awesome in the literal sense of the word, as in awe-inspiring, even though it’s not something I’d listen to everyday. Here’s the video for “Fisheye” from “Blackjazz”.

The reason for this post is a leaked single from the new album, “One, One, One”, due out in some unspecified time this year. It showcases the sound that they established for themselves with “Blackjazz” but this time with a more thrash-metal skew to the whole thing, a direction I’m loving. They’ve always had snatches of amazing grooves interspersed in their songs but this new single, “I Won’t Forget”, shows them finding them a groove and keeping a hold on it, except for the mandatory satanic jazz noodling.

Brace yourself and listen below for it gets pulled down.


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