I’ve been kinda-sorta busy and as such have been ignoring the pile of fresh new jams that has been building up in my inbox or bookmarks list. So instead of studying for economics, let’s remedy the situation shall we?

I discovered this band through a random promo email. After reading the description I was %100 sure what I was in for but holy hell, it did not disappoint. The DHDFD’s are a New Zealand based “garage punk” band. I use the term loosely because their sound is about as easy to pin down as a greased pig with it’s tail on fire. They’ve released three albums since 2006, ending up at tonight’s feature, “French Fries”, released in April of last year.

So now to talk about their sound. I don’t disagree with calling them garage punk but that should be considered the sleazy little core of their sound as they lie more in the musical style of, “fuck it, lets make awesome noise.”

If you were to take that initial ball of garage punk, wrap it in some freshly flayed strips of grindcore, then dip the whole thing in a noise rock batter and fry it in liquid methamphetamine, you might, might, have something that sounds like The DHDFD’s. You also might have a really sore stomach, or in very rare cases, be dead.

With a little less artistic license, they sound like a gutter rat version of The Hives, lighting fast riffing with a buzzsaw tone and a unrelenting appetite for destruction are coupled with a screeching demon behind the microphone, an equally insane madman on bass and some hybrid of a goblin and speed-freak on drums. Occasionally snatches of a melody that make something resemble sense come wafting through the madness, but those are quickly beaten down into submission.

But as noisy, violent and downright abrasive this music is, it’s still so damn infectious. It’s garage hardcore, with no regards for personal safety or musical direction. At times you’ll find the guitar and bass playing completely different parts, while the singer is off in his own little happy place, and yet, it works. Once you get past the initial assault on your senses you’ll find a group of guys who are willing to do some pretty crazy shit, even if it might not be popular or easy on the ears.

In the midst of this chaos you’ll find some truly interesting guitar and bass works, both with their own uniquely awesome tones. As mentioned before the vocals aren’t roped in by any traditional measures of melody or tone, instead it sounds like vocal chords stretched to their breaking limit, fighting to keep this entire machine under control and succeeding.

I’m starting to enjoy keeping things short and sweet, as there’s only so much babbling I can do before you have to go listen yourself. So below you’ll find the full album stream from Bandcamp as well as the video for “Babysitters Club”. You can also buy the whole album for $7 from Bandcamp. Onwards!

The DHDFD’s Facebook

The DHDFD’s Bandcamp


2 Responses to “NEW MUSIC. FINALLY: The DHDFD’s”

  1. Man, I love your descriptions. I would like to eat a ball of garage punk, wrapped in some freshly flayed strips of grindcore, then dipped in a noise rock batter and fried in liquid methamphetamine. I bet they have it at Denny’s.

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