Stadium Anthems: The Hyper Actives

Morning folks!

I’m exploiting an hour long break between classes to bring you some tasty rock anthems from Sweden’s The Hyper Actives.

It’s been a while since I’ve written about band that doesn’t fall under several different genres, one that’s happy to crank out classic riffs will little regards for trends. The Hyper Actives fill that gap with their 2012 album, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Lives Again”, 14 tracks of plain and simple rock ‘n’ rollin’. No garnish and no sauce, just a solid meaty hunk of rock.

“The Promised Land” sets things in motion with clean cut riffing, hand-clap melodies and some Boston-esque vocals, with that slightly Swedish tinge. The next thirteen tracks stay close to this formula, rarely changing up the pace, instead keeping things at a solid mid-tempo gallop. I find this to be one of the albums charms, as each of the songs may be relatively simple but they’re well written and catchy as hell, harking back to a simpler time of songwriting.

This is fun music, just as suited to hyping up and audience at a sports game as it is to throwing an entire bar into chaos. Greatly helped along by the absolutely soaring vocals and guitars, shown perfectly on “Hey Hey Hey”. It’s a style of vocals that may not find a place in everybody’s hearts but I can definitively dig it, as you really couldn’t have this music with any other style.

The lack of fancy effects or fancy playing is a testament to these guy’s playing, as they were able to crank out an entire album of original and infectious riffs that will be stuck in your head all day long. So in that sense it puts this ahead of albums where artists are using blistering technicality to make up for a lack of sick riffs. I much prefer this to someone banging out 6000 notes a minute on a seven/eight string. While it might be impressive, it isn’t exactly catchy.

So if your looking for a solid collection of foot stomping good times you can find “Rock ‘n’ Roll Lives Again” on iTunes for $10. There’s a Soundcloud stream down below for you to give them a listen, along with your usual links.

Now excuse me while I sprint to class.

The Hyper Actives Facebook

The Hyper Actives Soundcloud


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