Divergence from Down Under: Golden Era Records 2013 Sampler

Good afternoon. Today I’ve got some divergence from down under in the form of the Golden Era Records “2013 Sampler”. For those who have never heard of them (most of you I’m guessing), Golden Era is an Australian record label that has been responsible for pretty much all of the stellar hip-hop coming out of that patch of ocean. I was first exposed to Australian hip-hop back in high school thanks to the label’s founders, the Hilltop Hoods.

I’ve always loved Australian hip-hop for it’s emphasis on catchy hooks, funk laden grooves and some of the best MC’s and DJ’s in my opinion. To me there was always a sense of flow that I had never heard before, just solid rhymes and beats, without any frivolous choruses or other bullshit. Over time I found many other Australian artists as there’s a lot of cameo’s and features between each of the groups. This gives the music a great feeling of community, where everybody was making music for the same reasons.

Since I’d been meaning to write a piece about this music for a while, finding this fresh mixtape was the perfect reason to write something up and also serves as a great introduction into a scene that’s relatively unheard of in North America. Packed with 22 bangers from Australia’s biggest and brightest groups, from Briggs, Vents, Funkoars, K21, and the aforementioned Hilltop Hoods. All of these tracks are expertly tied together, with the mixer, Jaytee, using a variety of samples and international shout-outs to seamlessly stitch the entire thing together.

The flavor is most definitely hip-hop but each of the artists has their own signature style to bring to the table. Bass heavy tracks by Briggs sit beside the more aggressive  party-rock styled Funkoars jams. The Hilltop Hoods have a fairly established sound, something that’s a bit more melodic than other offerings. K21 is a relatively new name to me but I’m enjoying his lightning quick delivery and complex rhymes.

I’m really bad at writing about hip-hop some I’m just going to keep things short. If your still reading and in the mood to listen to some of this music you can find the entire mixtape streaming on Soundcloud or you can head on over to the Golden Era website to download it for free. You can find those links plus a freestyle video that showcases all the artists in this mix below. Enjoy!

Golden Era Mixtape

Golden Era Facebook



2 Responses to “Divergence from Down Under: Golden Era Records 2013 Sampler”

  1. I really found this amazing posting , “Divergence from Down Under:
    Golden Era Records 2013 Sampler Church of the Riff”, relatively entertaining not
    to mention it was in fact a very good read. I appreciate it,Florian

  2. I’ve always loved Aussie hip hop. The video is awesome, off to DL the mix tape now. Thanks for the post.

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