Obsidian monoliths ahead: NOYE

Wheeeeee. I’m almost back on track. Caught up on schoolwork and got to see Russian Circles/Between the Buried and Me last night. Excellent show.

So now I’ll actually do what I’ve be promising and write about some music, instead of coming up with some more half-witted excuses.

Tonight’s dose of riffs are of the blackened and crusty variety, provided by NOYE, who hail from Kaliningrad, Russia. Their first full length album, “Away”, is chock full of sludge and post-metal riffage, two flavors that go together like battleaxe’s and splintered skulls. I know it’s been a while since I covered some real crusty stuff, but this is one helluva way to kick things back in gear.

This album could be considered a minature split, as tracks 1,5,7 and 10 are provided by Kratong, an experimental electronic project from one of the band’s friends. These one minute interludes work together in unison with the gut-shaking riffs provided by NOYE, serving not only to accent the songs but also add to the hopelessly bleak atmosphere.

I really enjoy this hybridization of sludge and post-metal, as it means I get my Godzilla stomping riffs and plenty of more intricate rhythms and structures to boot. It also adds an extra shot of adrenaline to the music, with the elements of post and hardcore serving to whip up the traditional sludge molasses into a frothy black maelstrom of sound. This is shown best on the shorter tracks like “Fracture” or the concussive ending to “Spinners”.

Other tracks find themselves firmly grasped in the maw of sludge, with the aforementioned obsidian monoliths of fuzz gouging out cavernous grooves into your noggin. The sparse vocals are suitably putrid, matching the evil seeping through the tracks.  Songs like “Terror” generate feelings of impending doom, like an ominous sea of evil is rising up behind your back, waiting to sweep you up whole.

I’ll be honest, when I initially saw the description for the album I was prepared for something derivative and uninspired, this however, is neither. Instead you’ll find 11 tracks of an enthralling sludge hybrid that will keep your head nodding and you hunting around for more. Yet again another band comes out of the Russian federation with bucketloads of talent and a fresh slate, ready to make some heads roll.

“Away” is up on Bandcamp for 3 euro or 4 bucks. That is bargain of the century pricing right here, so get your ass in gear and let the riffs do the rest of the work.

NOYE Bandcamp

NOYE Facebook

Kratong Last.fm


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