Same albums, new…news? The Bronx full album stream and another KEN mode track





The Bronx have a new album coming out Febuary 5th.

It’s going to be awesome. Want proof? Check out the full album stream over on Rolling Stone and get back to me.

While I haven’t had the time to give the whole thing a listen through, my initial impression is one of “Fuck yeah.”

Catchy, hook laden punk songs with plenty of extra subtleties pulled off like only The Bronx can. I’ll get a review up in short order but until then I suggest you hurry up and hit play.


Next up is another track premiere from the upcoming KEN mode album, “Entrench”, due out on March 15th.

The track is called “The Promises of God” and it hits harder than a gorilla hyped on amphetamines.

While the first track that debut (here) had more a melodic hardcore quality to it, “The Promises of God” is a aural assault of downtuned riffage, mathcore insanity and lava-spewing vocal works. It’s a beast.

Break your neck over on Stereogum.


Alright. New music will be coming. Seriously. (Maybe)


4 Responses to “Same albums, new…news? The Bronx full album stream and another KEN mode track”

  1. Thanks for featuring Ken mode. I’ve seen the name for years, but pretty sure I’ve never actually listened to them.

    And it turns out I’ll be seeeing them in the near future (just got tickets the other day for Today is the Day / Black Tusk / Fight Amp, March 10th) so I guess it’d be worthwhile to get familiar with them :)

    • Glad to help, I’ll be catching that show April 13th :D.

      Saw them once already with Revocation, they ripped. Pretty stoked to see Today is the Day too.

      • I’m really excited about TITD too, and my wife loves Black Tusk, so win-win. The rest is just gravy, really. But since you keep talking about them, I should check them out anyway :>

        • Yes you should :P.

          Sadly Black Tusk isn’t playing Toronto, they’ve been replaced with Keelhaul, who I haven’t heard much of before but sound pretty tight.

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