Miscellaneous Whinging and Random Information


Sorry folks. After promising you some new material last week, my body decided to go ahead and catch the flu, putting me out of commission for the last couple days. Thankfully I can think straight now and have stopped pumping out several liters of snot a day.

Now time to get some random information up and outta the way.



– We have an official NA release date for Kvelertak’s new album, March 26th to be precise. Listen to “Bruane Brenn”:

KEN mode will be touring with Today is the Day, Fight Amp and Black Tusk. This tour is going to break your bones. Get dates here.

– Protest the Hero reached their crowd funding goal in around 24 hours. New album details will be coming soon.

– Graveyard and the The Shrine are on tour (only in the states). Get dates here.


Finally we have a new video from Aspen for their song “Owing to Lilith”. I talked about their release, “Winds of Revenge”, back in March of last year, describing it as a, “wonderfully fuzzed out mix of stoner jams, doom atmosphere and epic overtones.”

The video holds true to all of those adjectives, alternating between distorted backgrounds, eerie gradients, cell mitosis and flashes of occult imagery. It fits the music extremely well, with the visuals matching up perfectly with the mood and intensity of the music.



News is over. Now let me try and find some galdarn music to write about.


2 Responses to “Miscellaneous Whinging and Random Information”

  1. kvelertak is pretty sweet. What genre would you put that into? That isn’t a trick question – i have no idea – so i just like to hear how other people categorize them so i can find more bands like em.


    When did you change the background? looks good – hopefully it wasn’t too long ago and i am not an unobservant moron…

    • I’m pretty comfortable saying black ‘n’ roll, although this new track seems to have a little less of the black then usual.

      Nah, your observation skills are fine, I changed it last week, around the same time I added the new logo.

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