News, News, NEWS: Black Black Black have a video, Protest the Hero are going DIY and KEN mode have a complex

Lets get right into the dirty flirty shall we?


First up is a new video from the stoner/punk/post/metal thingamjigger that is Black Black Black. I talked about their full length album here, describing it as a “meaty stoner base, marinated in doom, basted in occult and seared in psychedelic then served with a side of fuzz.”

Now we have some visual accompaniment to our auditory feast with the video for “Redeath”. This was one of their more straightforward tracks, a schizophrenic train ride of careening riffs, hardcore vocals and general insanity brought to life by flickering black and white video cuts and monstrous faces in the dark. Get some below.


Now we’ve got some news from another favorite of mine, Protest the Hero. After releasing the excellent “Scurrilous” and launching into a heavy tour schedule it looks like it’s finally time for the fourth album to come to fruition. However this time around they’ve ditched their label support in favor of crowd sourcing the new record.

While I’m not a huge advocate of crowd sourcing, I do support it when it comes to music getting made, as it gives artists another tool to get rid of the shackles from traditional labels.

So $10 will get you a digital copy of the album and $25 will get you a hardcopy, but what does $1250 get you might ask? It get’s you an all inclusive pizza party at Tim’s house, that’s what. Other donation options get you monthly postcards for a year or even a cover song of your choosing.

So if you’ve ever been a fan of their music, get off your ass and support them, to give you new music. It’s a wonderful circle.

Protest the Hero Indiegogo


And finally we get here some new music from the upcoming KEN mode album, “Entrench”. The song is “Counter Culture Complex” and it debuted on Pitchfork today. This one is more of a straightforward pummeling of sonic fury, as opposed to the off-kilter insanity usually brought forth by these Winnipeg noise makers. I also feel like the track is missing some of the low end crunch from their previous album but I’m willing to chalk this up to streaming/file format.

All that being said this is still a flesh-ripper of a track, still packed full of the buzzsawing guitars and enough vocal venom to melt your cranium. Furthermore, if this is the quality from the debut track you can expect the album will have some real explosives buried in it’s runtime.

Listen here:

KEN mode “Counter Culture Complex” – Pitchfork


Now excuse while I go sleep off the 50 kilograms of sushi I just ingested.



2 Responses to “News, News, NEWS: Black Black Black have a video, Protest the Hero are going DIY and KEN mode have a complex”

  1. Black Black Black had a pretty cool video and tune. Anything with fire is a win for me. The only improvement would have been….more fire.


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