Local Boys: Big Frasier and 24 Hours Poor

See? New music, late yes, but new nonetheless.

As promised way back during Christmas break I’ve got some new tunes from a some good friends and an even better local band. For the sake of my charade of semi-professionalism, it should be noted that this is a biased piece. These guys are my friends and that will always tweak my ear from the beginning. That being said I do believe these are some damn good tracks and you can stream everything below to decide for yourselves.

Now that we’ve got the paperwork taken care of, time for the riffs. Big Frasier are a 3 piece blues rock outfit from Alliston, Ontario. They’ve been dabbling around with different line-ups and some smaller EP’s for a couple years, finally settling on the current line-up about a year ago. In this respect “24 Hours Poor” could be considered the final product, a polished version of everything that’s come before.

Musically their influences ring true, with sounds reminiscent of earlier White Stripes to the newer blues rock golden boys, The Black Keys. Hints of punk and several dashes of folk help to define their own sound in what is quickly becoming a popular genre. However, no matter the title, band or sub genre, the backbone is always the smokey sweet flavor of rock ‘n’ roll, something these boys have in spades.

Like any good container of Neapolitan ice cream, this five track EP showcases three unique and complementary flavors. The first scoop is that of modern blues rock (I’m pretending it’s strawberry) shown in the form of “Like A Child” and “The Animals”. Quirky and infectious riffs, coupled with mellow valleys and energetic peaks serve as the platform for some rock solid songwriting.

Bonus points for “The Animals” which has probably the best build and climax on the album, flirting with cacophony but still retaining it’s groove and direction.

The second flavor (Chocolate? Why not) is that of more straight cut rockin’ and rollin’. “Memphis Sun” and “The Buffalo” eschew some of the subtle melodies and builds in favor of bigger riffs and faster stomps. While the EP opened up with subtlety and class, we now find ourselves several beers deep, stomping our way across the bar in something that resembles a drunken conga line crossed with a circle pit.

The final flavor is the mellow palate cleanser (Vanilla. Makes sense) served via the blues-steeped folk in “The Broadway and the Blind Line”. A much more soothing track, thanks in part to the electrics being ditched for acoustics and also due in part to the excellent female/male duet vocals. The several beers have turned into four too many, leaving you slumped in a chair, your head slowly nodding in time.

Even with my personal bias I still think this is a damn fine album and am fairly confident you’ll think the same. Right now you can stream the entire EP from Bandcamp or catch one of their shows in Toronto and pick up a physical copy. Links are below, enjoy!

Big Frasier Facebook

Big Frasier Bandcamp


2 Responses to “Local Boys: Big Frasier and 24 Hours Poor”

  1. Cool band. Nice album flow too, the tracks really fit together well, and didn’t feel like 5 singles stuck together.


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