Tuesday Treats from Diablo Swing Orchestra, The Bronx and Clutch

Hellllllooo. I’m back in school now. Oh joy. I also find myself waiting in line for a godforsaken IT issue. In the meantime I’ve got some new tidbits from the Diablo Swing OrchestraThe Bronx and Clutch. Onward ho!


First is the newest video from the Diablo Swing Orchestra for their song “Black Box Messiah”.

I’m a little torn about this video, on one hand this is my second favorite track from the album and the video is very well shot and produced. However I feel like the pacing of the video doesn’t mesh with the song at all, resulting in a somewhat un-cohesive feeling. Then again I might just be balmy. The video is below so decide amongst yourselves!


Next up is yet another new track being showcased from the upcoming Bronx album (Due out February). The track in question is “Youth Wasted” and it showcases the new, slightly more controlled sound we got a glimpse of on “Ribcage”. The Bronx that you know and love are still there just under a tighter melodic leash. The sandpaper has smoothed out a couple grits, creating a much tighter sound. Anyway, you can find it below and see what you think.

Bombs away!


And last but certainty not least is the first track to be premiered from the new Clutch album, “Earth Rocker”, due out March 19th. Clutch have always brought the rawk and have never failed to set the bar for textbook bar stompin’, weed smokin’ riffage. The new track, “Earth Rocker” is no exception, with all the expected grooves, licks, growls and riffs intact. Yet another album added to my 2013 drool bucket. Get some below!


One Response to “Tuesday Treats from Diablo Swing Orchestra, The Bronx and Clutch”

  1. Diablo Swing is something else…They are new to me so i would say that video fits. A weird ass video for a weird ass track ;-)

    The bronx sounded good as did clutch.

    Good finds – Tim

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