Hangover cures courtesy of The Heavy Eyes with Maera

Happy flipping new year! Hopefully your all cohesive enough at this point in the evening, having already spent the entire day hiding in the basement cursing the legion of iron-shod dwarves prancing around your cranium. So crack your knuckles and stretch your ears, we’ve got some hot new jams from the Memphis riffmasters, The Heavy Eyes.

While this album was technically released in late December, I’m considering it a 2013 release since it will have a fighting chance of making it to my year end list and since my 2012 list was already buttoned up and released. The album is “Maera” and is their second full length album since 2011’s self-titled release which I showcased right here.

Now that the book-keeping is out of the way, lets get cracking with that absolute eyeful of an album cover shall we? It’s fucking gorgeous and I want that in high resolution plastered to my bedroom wall. I haven’t got the name of the artist yet but once I do I’ll update the post to give them their own share of the well-deserved attention.

Big fuzz and bigger riffs are still the foundation for this recipe of aural bliss and oh boy do they deliver. “Maera” shows one helluva a stride forward for this riff rock trio. It’s a true and proper sequel, with everything that made the original so great massaged, tweaked and amplified into something that is still familiar yet refreshing.

In the case of The Heavy Eyes this means the grooves are deeper, the riffs are catchier and the sound extra crunchy. It’s the extra slice of bacon on your burger, that extra scoop of chocolate ice cream or those extra french fries at the bottom of the bag. Mmmmmmmm.

But seriously, this album is that fucking tasty. While the ongoing riff revival has been cluttering up the net with some fairly repetitive releases, “Maera” is standing head and shoulders above many lesser albums. They have somehow managed to conjure up an 11 track record without stumbling over any rehashed riffs or sub-par grooves. Instead they use their unshakable rhythms to smash themselves some breathing room.

“Maera” also sounds like a much more badass album, with a hefty extra helping of swagger added to already infallible jams. While their previous release may have found your head been gently lulled into nodding along, “Maera” reaches and commands your head to move, regardless of if your ready for it or not. The denim is torn up, the work boots are dirtier and a smirk replaces your innocent grin.

I’m having a hard time picking out particular tracks to show off, since this album is pretty much nonstop bangers. I can pretty much guarantee once you start listing you’ll find it hard to stop without finishing the whole darn thing. Bonus points go to the closer, “Aplomado” which features a mouthwatering bass groove and concludes with an odd little outro sequence you should stay around for.

So yeah. “Maera” is a rock solid follow up from a rock solid band and a grade “A” example of how to do a sequel right. It’s also $7 on Bandcamp and you can get it right now, seriously, like right now.

Why are you still here?

The Heavy Eyes Facebook

The Heavy Eyes Bandcamp


One Response to “Hangover cures courtesy of The Heavy Eyes with Maera”

  1. Man, Good tune. I have listened to it 2 times straight thru.

    Keep em coming,

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