Art As Catharsis fry up some riffs in The Devil’s Kitchen

Next time your trying to pick up a lady why not try offering her an Australian kiss? It’s like a French kiss, just down under.


Sexual innuendo and bad puns aside, tonight I’ve got a new compilation from the reliably awesome Art As Catharsis. I talked about their previous comp, “Drone from the Underside of the Earth” here, here and here, as I struggled to wrap my brain around the amount of awesome pouring out of this previously unknown resource. While the previous compilation had been focused on psychedelic, noise and sludge, “The Devil’s Kitchen” is sticking to rough cut and greasy, with 19 tracks of “stoner-punk-death-boogie-sex-rock”. Sounds good to me.

It should be noted that this compilation is in support of the three-pronged showcase taking place in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane starting January 5th, 2013 (Event link is at the bottom for those lucky enough to go). Instead of trekking through this monster on a track-by-track basis like last time, I’m just going to highlight a couple of the rip-roarin’est tracks outta the bunch.

Chainsaw Hookers opens things up with a shot of ether and a kick in the ass in the form of “My Revenge”. Straightforward punk ‘n’ roll riffs careen their way through your ears, backed up by a full complement of off-the-cuff guitar solos, gang shouts and general shit-kickery. This isn’t complicated music, it’s the kind of music that lends itself to speakers cranked past capacity and plaster shaking off the ceiling.

With the tone firmly placed in the “fuck-shit-up” direction, the rest of the tracks step into line like the Dirty Dozen plus seven. Mammoth Mammoth were one of the few bands I recognized, thanks to a piece from NCS (found here). The same video being showcased there is their track on the compilation. “Go” is a solid chunk of red-meat stoner rock, garnished with fuzz and fried in a couple decades worth of throwback grease. More please.

The gale-force winds of napalm and broken glass on “Shit on the Liver” from King Parrot threw me for a bit of loop, as it’s 2 minutes of hardcore verging on grindcore insanity, with crusty mosh riffs and a horns up, heads down approach.

Battle Pope claw themselves some sleazy breathing room with “Rapture Cominatchya” from their split with Jesus Christ Posse (Coming later). It’s a rather eclectic mix of sex-fueled sleaze rock, garage punk and cheap drugs, an end result that ends up sounding like some perverted Rolling Stones from another dimension. The harmonica and off-balance drum work is a sweet touch, aided by some extra psychotic vocals.

“Tomahawk” by Winterun is another sweet track, with some heavy southern riffs and biker vocals that speak of some Alabama Thunderpussy influences. It’s a solid groove to accompany the last of your beer, smashing things with a hammer or driving your Harley through a quiet, suburban shopping mall. Good family fun all around.

Last track I’m going to highlight is “She Burns” from Wicked City. Snatches of Brit-pop rock influences flirt with more modern rock and roll riffs and both are paired up with a frantic sense of energy. The track’s four minutes long, which is getting up there, but your never left bored as they thrown in plenty of clever drum and guitar work in to keep the listen interesting.

Keep in mind that while I highlighted only 6 tracks, there are still 13 other bangers for you to drag out and play with. Something you should have no problem doing considering the compilation is up for a name-your-price option on Bandcamp.

Don’t be a scrooge and pay what you can. Put money back into artists you like so they can keep making music you like.

Links below. Enjoy!

Art As Catharsis Facebook

Devil’s Kitchen Bandcamp

Devil’s Kitchen Facebook Event



2 Responses to “Art As Catharsis fry up some riffs in The Devil’s Kitchen”

  1. […] The only band whose name I recognize is Mammoth Mammoth, but the comp got a nice write-up at The Church of the Riff. Plus, the music is described as “stoner-punk-death-boogie-sex-rock”. How can you resist that […]

  2. the last track totally doesn’t fit in. i like it.

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