Apologies, Random Music, Australian Zombies and Mind Bending Magic

Hello all.

Sorry for the absence, the last little while has been pretty blurry. A collection of deadlines morphed into studying for exams which morphed into back to back exams. One of which I tanked and the other I’m not so sure about. The good news is that they were the hard ones so I actually have some time to collect my thoughts now.

So I’ve got three very different things to show you tonight, one is music, one is film and one is downright amazing.


Rich Man cover art

First up is a new single from the Brutal Jooks, the blues rock/roots group who’s debut album “Believer” was on the Church here last winter. The new single is “Rich Man” and was released during September of this year. Followers of the show “Sons of Anarchy” may have noticed this track making an appearance during the season finale last Tuesday.

Aside from the excellent success this band has managed to reach in a fairly short time, “Rich Man” is also a bombastic little bundle of joy, with an organic rhythm driven along by scratchy desert guitars and bare-bones percussion work. It’s a tasty little track that shows a solid progression from the blues rock sound the band laid down with “Believer”. You can listen below and get it through either Bandcamp or iTunes.

Brutal Jooks Facebook


I know zombies have been getting played out, I know you’re tired of everyone and their neighbors brother either making a zombie movie or zombie stitched tea cozy. But still. You should give the trailer for “Wyrmwood” a chance. A %100 Australian endevour, (We know how awesome Australia can be. See herehere and here for proof.), it promises to be a combination of equal parts Mad Max and Walking Dead.

I am slightly biased though, as Mad Max is one of my favorite collections and probably my favorite post-apocalyptic movies. Aside from all the zany automotive/zombie action that could be had with a Mad Max/zombie hybrid, “Wyrmwood” also has a killer idea up it’s sleeve, one you’ll get to see at the end of the trailer. Watch below.


Finally I’ve got a video that some of you might have already seen, as it’s been making pretty solid rounds of the interweb recently. The video is a magic routine by French magician Yann Frisch. He combines sleight of hand trickery with some incredible dexterity and amusing facial expressions. All of this is executed flawlessly and will leave you with a flapping jaw as your feeble primate brain tries to comprehend what in the hell just happened.


That’s all for now, I’ll be back later on in the week though, with some new music from Low Volts!


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