Late Video Fees: Turbonegro and The Shrine

Good afternoon ladies and gents, time to catch up on some of them moving pictures that were released in the last couple weeks.


First up is the newest video from Turbonegro in support of their newest album, “Sexual Harassment”. I talked about the previous video for “You Give Me Worms” here and talked about the album and new lineup right here.

The newest video is for one of my favorite tracks from the album, “I Got a Knife”. This was one of the tracks that played well with the new vocals courtesy of Tony Sylvester. The video matches this rough and tumble punk anthem with assorted bar shots featuring lots of denim, ladies, tattoos and knives. Also if someone wants to pay for me to get a belly tattoo, let me know.


Neeeext is the new video from the California thrashers, The Shrine. This video is in support of their “new” album, “Primitive Blast”. The reason I’m using quotations is because the album is the same as their demo which I mentioned here, except re-released with their new label.

Anyway, the video is for “Whistlings of Death”, a window-rattling, booze stained and extra sloppy rock ‘n’ roll whirlwind. The accompanying video shows off some skating, live shows and general hoonery. The entire thing is drenched in a thick coating of visual fuzz thanks to being shot on actual film instead of this new-fangled digital wizardry. The end result is a perfect set of retro vibes matched to the music.


That’s all for now. Chances are there won’t be too much coming out until after this Thursday, as I’ve got about 5 different converging deadlines. Who needs sleep anyway?



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