Short but Sweet from Sons of Huns, Firetruck Rally and The Heavy Eyes

Hi there folks!

I’ve been spending the week getting skullfucked by school and haven’t had much room to breathe, let alone get some writing done. Thankfully I’ve found a little reprive tonight in order to bring you three new EP’s from The Heavy Eyes, Sons of Huns and Firetruck Rally. Can you diiiiig it?

First up is the oldest new release from Portland’s Sons of Huns. I talked about their previous work here and this newest 7″, “Leaving Your Body”, was released during September of this year. Containing two new songs, “Leaving Your Body” and “The Wanderer” along with a music video for the title track, it’s a solid slab of stoneriffic goodness.

There is a distinct difference in their sound this time, with “Leaving Your Body” showing a tendency towards thicker riffs and heavier grooves, in contrast to the lighter and more agile music on the “S/T EP”. The vocals have been tweaked to match this new musical style, with some more gruffness thrown in to match the grizzled guitars. These are by no means bad changes, just things I noticed.

Glimpses of their older sound come through on both tracks, which provides a nice little jolt to the songs. Both of the tracks are packed with head nodding grooves, finger-licking solos and good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll. The accompanying video is also quite tasty, with some evil cultists and general occultyness to add some flavor.

This EP is currently only available in physical media, as no download option is up on Bandcamp. However, you can stream both tracks and watch the video below. Now for round 2!

Sons of Huns Facebook

Sons of Huns Bandcamp

Round two comes to us in the form of some gristly hardcore thanks to the Israeli band Firetruck Rally. Their 7 track EP was released also during September of this year and contains some interesting quirks along with the usual dose of napalm, rage and broken glass.

Currently there are only 2 tracks streaming on Bandcamp along with a video for a third song. All three are sharp, abrasive and utterly destructive. The interesting quirks come in the form of experimental elements that go a long way in giving the songs some depth. Quirky time signatures, clever guitar work and frantic vocals give the songs almost a mathcore feel.

It’ll take a couple listen through to get your head wrapped around everything, since the tracks rarely top two minutes. It demands your attention, you can’t really tune it out to the background or else you’ll end up with a lead pipe bashing your skull in. The video for “Open Letter to a Cop” is well executed and original, matching the track with some folks taking a punch to the face.

Currently only the three tracks are available for streaming, with plans for a physical release in the works. Listen below!

Firetruck Rally Facebook

Firetruck Rally Bandcamp

Last but not least is the newest EP from Memphis based, The Heavy Eyes. I talked about their previous EP here and their full length here. “Maera” was released this November and is two tracks that manage to pick out all the things I loved from their full length and and make it even better.

Sticky sweet grooves and endless riff worship are the name of the game, with never ending head nods and toe taps to boot. The apple pie-classics riffs are back, with all the accompanying ice cream fuzz and served hot to order. They’ve taken that perfect formula and just given it a simple massage. There’s no radical changes, just classic stoner tunes to put your mind at ease.

Even better is having the EP up for a name-your-price option on Bandcamp, something that only sweetens the deal even further. Enjoy.

The Heavy Eyes Facebook

The Heavy Eyes Bandcamp


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