Quickie Time! Hosoi Bros and New Tumbleweed Dealer

*Grab your ankles and hold on, it’s quickie time!*

First up is a party-thrashin’ 7″ release from the Memphis based Hosoi Bros. “Snorlokk” was released on the 5th of October and is two tracks packed full of NWOBHM shenanigans, beer and good times.

Solid grooves, catchy riffs and some sweet solo work is the name of the game, with plenty of bar rousing action to keep the party rolling. Add in a hefty dose of punk laced speed and you’ve got yourself a winning recipe. Find your denim vest, slick your hair back, crack some beers and THRASH ON!

“Snorlokk” is up for $2 on Bandcamp, so go pick up a copy to give them some incentive for a full length eh.

Hosoi Bros Facebook

Hosoi Bros Bandcamp

“Snorlokk” Video


Next up is the newest track from Montreal’s Tumbleweed Dealer. I had talked about their two EP here where I described it as, “… some damn enthralling music” and this newest track, “Resurrected Yet Again” is no exception.

Setting a soothing pace, “Resurrected” is built around a cycling guitar melody, that ever so slowly eases it’s way into the deeper recess of your mind, settling in like the first deep snow. It’s a sublime track, easy going and carefree, with nothing in mind exception pleasant vibes and a strange urge to become one with mother nature, or something.

The entire three track EP can be downloaded from Moshpit Tragedy. Links away!

EP Download

Tumbleweed Dealer Facebook




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