IMDB’s Top 250 Movie Mashup

Thanks to a mister Jonathan Keogh we now have an awesome mashup video of IMDB’s top 250 movies. Using nothing more than some creative imagination and a mashup track provided by DJ Faroff it’s a great watch even if you aren’t into movies. If you are you’ll get double the enjoyment as you frantically try to guess each movie as it skitters past your eyes.

After a couple watches and with no Googling, I got:

Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, Star Wars, The Matrix, Clockwork Orange, Kill Bill, Beauty and the Beast, Forrest Gump, Grand Torino, The Blues Brothers, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, Platoon, V for Vendetta, The Dark Knight, Scarface, 2001, Sin City, The Holy Grail, Jaws, Reservoir Dogs, The Thing, Pans Labyrinth, ET, Rocky Horror, UP, Terminator, Toy Story, Alien, The Big Lebowski, Goodfellas, Inception and The Bridge Over the River Kwai.

Along with a bunch of others I had seen but couldn’t name.

Anyway you can watch the video below before some scum sucking motherfucker decides this infringes some rich assholes copyright and gets pulled off Youtube. Until then, Enjoy:


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