Back to Basics: Black Bombaim

Hi folks. Thanks to the far reaching arm of Miss Sandy my school blew a water main and cancelled classes for the day. So after sleeping in until some ungodly hour, stuffing my face and watching cartoons, I’ve finally got around to writing about some music.

I’ve been having a harder time finding music I like while trawling Bandcamp. There’s still a ton of good music there but nothing has been really drawing my attention. This makes every new find that much sweeter, as is the case with today’s band, Black Bombaim.

This group of Portuguese rockers have been releasing albums since 2009 and currently have 3 release on their Bandcamp. 2012’s “Titans”, 2010’s “Saturdays and Space Travels” and the album I ended up finding, 2009’s self-titled release. I haven’t yet given their newer albums a listen but I will be in the near future. However their nine track debut is filling me ears quite nicely right now.

With a classic recipe stoner sound, the emphasis is on fuzz, deep grooves and good old fashioned riff worship. Along with being a purely instrumental effort, they also tend to stay on the lighter side of things. The music is smooth and smiling, it’s not out to cause grievous sonic injury, it’s out to sooth your mind and put a pleasant bob in your head.

Ripped straight from a ’70’s era basement, lit by lava lamps and smelling of incense and weed, pumping out of some wood-grained monstrosities of speakers. This is golden age stoner rock, nothing fancy, just boot cut blue jeans and sneakers. The guitar work is subtle, using solos to punctuate the flow of fuzz and add some depth to each of the tracks.

With track titles like “’68 Camero” and “Big Black Supercharger” it looks like the American comfort food sound is exactly what these guys were going for. The music manages to play perfectly in this style without becoming too derivative of the music it pays homage too. The absence of vocals is also a enjoyable touch, sometimes less is more and in this case I definitely think the music reaped the benefit of being the star of the show.

“Black Bombaim” is on Bandcamp for $6.50. You can also listen to and purchase the rest of their music if your so inclined. Links below.

Black Bombaim Facebook

Black Bombaim Bandcamp


4 Responses to “Back to Basics: Black Bombaim”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Ben just want to correct something. Black bombain are Portuguese and not spanish. Cheers mate

  2. These are absolutely magnificent. The first 2 albums are fabulous, “Saturdays and Space travel” is just perfect for a big joint and rocking out. Not so keen on “Titans” though. It should have been great, a track with Isiah Mitchell from Earthless, but it’s spoiled for me by some incredibly ill advised saxophone and some bad guest spots.
    Hopefully they will stick to the formula from the first 2 albums, as it is outstanding.

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