Random Bullshit and Noise

Welcome to one of the laziest Saturday nights I’ve had in a while. The Dude of Saturday nights, if you will. Oh sure, if you look closely you might think I was studying the NURBS equation for curves but you’d quickly realize this was an illusion to mask my insatiable procrastination. So without further bullshit, here’s a bunch of random crap, some new music and some new videos.


Your first random is thanks to Major Kong, a band I talked about a while back in this post. A Facebook post by the band introduced me to the…cue lights…STONER ROCK NAME GENERATOR! Yes you never knew you needed one until now!

After about 10 minutes of clicking the highlights reel included such bands like the southern Tibetan funeral doom band, Sperm Cloud. Or the group of cock rockers out of Tasmania  known only as Ass Accumulator. Also Grand Mustache, Cyclone Motherfucker and Dope Hag made an appearance.

Amuse yourself here. Post any classics to the comments.


So last night I studied until fairly late at night, so I decided it was time for a little relaxation. After making myself blissful, I was stuck with the arduous decision of what to watch. However, Lady Luck was with me as I dug to the bottom of my DVD pile and dragged up, “James Brown and BB King: One Special Night”. Having previously picked up this gem from a bargain bin for $1, it was high time I got around to watching it.

I don’t need to give an introduction to who James Brown and BB King are as they are kings of their respective genres. The DVD was mainly a James Brown show with a surprise set by BB. The amount of pure funk, soul and swagger that these two titans (and their kickass band) brought to the table made for one hell of a good way to spend an hour and a half.

Even better news? The whole thing is on Youtube. So you don’t even have to pay a dollar. Enjoy.


Last up is yet another new video from the upcoming Graveyard album, “Lights Out”. Having already been released in Europe, North America has to bide it’s time until November 6th. Until then you can watch and listen to the video for “Endless Night”.

The video features a good ‘ole chunk of American Iron and one man out for a lonely, psychedelic drive. The song, as always, is a bucketful of hair-raising awesome, with infectious riff work and blues rock groove. Headbang below.

That’s it, that’s all. Now I’ll go back to staring drearily into the lava lamps and pretending to study. Goodnight.


2 Responses to “Random Bullshit and Noise”

  1. how about ‘celestial doom’ – oh wait, already taken by a blues type outfit form India.
    how about the timely ‘flood warlock’ – well, if you want to be named after a video game character.

    I think i am going with hell haze…

    That graveyard vid RULES… excited to hear the rest of that album for sure.


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