Hometown Heroes: Indian Handcrafts and Civil Disobedience for Losers

Evening folks.

Tonight we’ve got the full album stream from pop-sludgioneers, Indian Handcrafts, courtesy of Spin. The album in question is “Civil Disobedience for Losers” which is their official debut on the new label, Sargent House Records.

I’ve been waiting for this album for quite  a while now, firstly thanks to the fact their hometown is within spitting distance of my house and second of all due to the extensive influence the Melvins had on the album. Starting with the use of their producer, Toshi Kasai, and ending with cameos from both Coady and Dale of the Melvins. So was this album worth all the excitement? Namely, should you buy this album come it’s release date, October 30th?

Hell fucking yes you should.

Pop-sludge seems to be the term that the kids are throwing around these days and even though it sounds contradictory, it’s a pretty damn good definition for what would otherwise defy categorization. It’s the unholy union of a one night stand between the resin-caked, sonic monoliths of sludge and a ballistic pop-princess with a nose full of speed and a gut full of booze that produced this monster.

A guitar tone like the sound of a chainsaw strung with bees cuts a swathe of mayhem across the 11 track album. An unsteady finger is at the throttle, causing wild gallops of methamphetamine like insanity to come to crashing halts in sticky spiderwebs of sickly-sweet sludge. The drumming matches this chaos without missing the faintest of beats. providing an unshakable backbone to the maelstrom.

The vocals are the hands behind these instrumental weapons, with the howling harmonies and shrieks provided by both members. They sound just as ferocious as the instruments they’re playing, with the intensity somewhere between while-hot and spontaneous combustion. All of this is mixed seamlessly together, nothing is fighting for your attention, instead it all works as one to grab your spinal column and demand your attention.

The first half of the album lies firmly in the schizophrenic grasp of the coked out pop-princess. “Bruce Lee” high-kicks the door open for a frenetic flood of noise, fuzz and granite grooves. The pressure is held on the breaking point up until reaching critical mass with “Terminal Horse”. Now dad woke up and the obsidian monolith of sludge starts to exert more influence. “Coming Home” is the harbinger of this change, soaking the chainsaw in molasses and adding some psychedelic ambiance, just to be a good father.

“Civil Disobedience for Losers” is a rock solid album. Indian Handcrafts have solidified their position in an expanding genre and forging one hell of an addicting sound in the process.

Like I mentioned, “Civil Disobedience for Losers” will be released on October 30th through Bandcamp and probably some other places as well. Links lie below, so get streaming!

“Civil Disobedience for Losers” Full Album Stream – Spin.com

Indian Handcrafts Bandcamp

Indian Handcrafts Facebook

[UPDATE] Album is out! You can get it through Bandcamp and the stream is below:


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