Tumbleweed Dealer

Hullo there folks!

I’m feeling pretty lazy tonight, well, lazier than usual, so tonight’s tunes echo that sentiment. Tumbleweed Dealer are the suppliers of said melodies and oh boy are they plenty blissful.

I was approached by this Montreal based group with the offer of a free 2 song EP, so with that being the depth of my insight I downloaded the tracks and hit play.

Ten minutes later I was slouched back in my chair with a dopey grin on my face and gentle head nod I just could not seem to get rid off. Tumbleweed Dealer know how to weave some damn enthralling music, that much is for sure.

The 2 tracks, “Crawling Through Cacti” and “Death Rides Southwards” are an ear-tickling amalgamation of classic stoner and delta blues. Their music is gentle but complex, soothing but still invigorating. The guitar work is on point, with complicated sections slowed down and fuzzed out over the entire course of each track. These songs feel somewhat majestic, like a hawk soaring on thermals or some other suitably meta analogy.

Healthy stoner vibes draw you into the fold where you are soon surrounded by bluesy guitar noodling that cuts through the fuzz like oil in water. It’s subtle, understated and oh so smooth, best enjoyed with your choice of substance and something pretty to distract you (I suggest a lava lamp).

One groove I wanted to comment on comes in about halfway through “Death Rides Southwards”. Some up tempo fuzz beings building into what seems like a rock and roll fill, just much, much slower. It’s soon joined by the ever present bluesy twang as the rest of the track catches up. It’s sections like those that make these tracks so enjoyable, something so simple and subtle but yet so damn infectious.

These two tracks show a boatload of promise for this band and I’m hoping we can see some more tracks and a full length coming out in the near future.

Until then I’ve got your download link for the two tracks and their Facebook page to give them some love.

Tumbleweed Dealer Facebook

Tumbleweed Dealer Soundcloud

Tumbleweed Dealer Download


3 Responses to “Tumbleweed Dealer”

  1. Damn, that is some great stuff. Love everything about it.

    >>”These songs feel somewhat majestic, like a hawk soaring on thermals or some other suitably meta analogy.” that is some good prose right there. But it does have a majestic feel, that is for sure.


  2. I can’t complain. I could troll thru bandcamp or wherever and listen to all this music myself and try and find some gems…. but i got shit to do, too, so again, i can’t complain.

    One thing you might want to do, if you are looking for stuff to review, is go back thru some of your archives and see where you said “the new album will be out in 2 months” and then see if the album actually came out and if it is any good. Or what the previously reviewed bands are up to now.

    Good luck with school or whatever is bringing you down. You will get thru it, one way or another.


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