Bloody knuckles: Trash Talk – 119

Goooood evening chums. I’ve got the molotov for your Tuesday night, so you better get the fuck out of the way before the house comes crumbling down around your ears.

The hungry flames licking their way across your living room floor are thanks to the volatile sounds coming from Trash Talk‘s newest album, “119”. Released today through Odd Future Records, “119” is 14 songs that culminate in a run time under 30 minutes and a back alley strewn with blood, teeth and broken bottles.

I’m not going to mince words talking about this album. It’s NYC hardcore at it’s heart, ruthless East Coast aggression and angst, given form in rumbling bass lines, bone splintering guitar crunch and bile spitting vocals, recorded and blasted full bore down your ear canals. An entirely self-produced effort this time around, “119” sounds raw, like face dragged across the pavement raw, with all the skin tore away, muscles and sinew flexing in the streetlights.

Aside from your standard of complete bodily destruction, Trash Talk have forced some musical surprises into the 14 tracks. “Blossom & Burn” being the prime example, with a collaboration between Hodgy Beats and Tyler the Creater, who lend their back alley drawl to the track. The result is some terrifying hybrid of barely controlled aggression and street punk swagger.

That’s the one thing that has always kept Trash Talk in my favorites, they seem to have mastered the formula of pavement-pounding swagger. I find my feet falling into their riff and rhythm sections when I’m walking, the resulting effect being like a shot of energy at the base of my spine. Tracks like “Apathy” show this at full form, with a backbone so thick you could use it to bludgeon your way out of a crowd.

If you don’t like hardcore, you won’t like this album. For everyone else, “119” is another excellent offering from Trash Talk and will provide the soundtrack to bar brawls, mosh pits and drunk fights the world over.

“119” is available through all the major outlets, iTunes, music stores, yadda yadda.

The song/video “FEBN” is below, along with the usual links.

Trash Talk Facebook

Trash Talk Collective



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