Maeth: Horse Funeral

I apologize for my recent absence. Things were piling up and I’ve been pretty unmotivated this school year so it’s been hard for me to keep regular content flowing. Part of the problem I’ve been having is I’m finding it harder and harder to find new music that speaks to me on a level that I can write about it. I don’t know if I’ve exhausted my searches of Bandcamp or if I’ve just become a picky ass but either way the river has been drying up.

So while my posts may become less frequent, when I do post it you know it will have been something special to tickle me the right way. Maeth has been the most recent band to provoke such a tickle, with their 2012 release, “Horse Funeral”.

As I’ve said before, album art plays a huge role in what I click on whilst trawling the internet. I know it’s a terrible method but most of the time a bands musical style can be picked out of their cover art, a philosophy that continues to serve me well. This time the art in question was provided by Westart, a collaboration between Berkley area twins, Ian and Adahn. I’ll include links to their facebook and tumblr below, where you can get a look at some more of their highly impressive artwork.

Just like the character that graces the cover of “Horse Funeral”, Maeth have an interesting sound to say the least. A medley of post-metal, psychedelic, doom and prog, it sounds like the recipe for 13 minute songs of mindless canoodling and instrumental experimentation. This is far from the case as the music this Minnesota quartet provides is as grandiose and beautiful as it is concise and listenable.

The 5 track album runs a gamut of styles, from the post-metal contained in the title track, to more prog and psychedelic flavors in “Ganges” and a straight dive into doom and sludge on “Wytches”, they take plenty of opportunities to flex their musical chops. I really should try and pen a name for this genre, as I’ve definitely covered it before, kind of a fusion of innumerable sub-genres into one ever shifting but still cohesive sound.

Maeth also reap the benefit of having a skilled flute player in the mix, a factor that gives many of the tracks a new life, adding a new texture to their palette. An essentially instrumental effort, the minimal vocals are served up as punctuation to the sonic paragraphs. I know it sounds like I’m just splooging all over these guys but this is just good fucking music. End of story.

The album flows perfectly from start finish, it never gets stuck in a rut but it also never looses it’s groove. It’s just goddamn tasty and what makes it taste even better is that the entire thing is free. Not even name-your-price, just simply free. I’m continually astounded by the caliber of music that gets released for free and “Horse Funeral” is no exception.

Links below. Enjoy.

Maeth Facebook

Maeth Bandcamp

Westart Facebook

Westart Tumblr


2 Responses to “Maeth: Horse Funeral”

  1. Patrick Dawes Says:

    I’ve heard the genre you’re looking for is sometimes referred to as “crunch n cream.” Think it started out as a Russian thing, but I’ve seen it on some hip US blogs describing similar things.

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