Grab Bag – Gorod, Revocation, New Trash Talk & Graveyard

Here’s a motley collection of things I’ve either downloaded or listened too in my absence.

First is the latest release from the tech-death giants, Gorod. “A Perfect Absolution” was released in like…May? I think. It’s been praised by publications far and wide but it had been sitting on my “To-Buy” list until about a week ago. Why I waited so damn long is a mystery to me, as it is a fucking stellar album. I’m not going to mince too many words into a review, instead I’ll point over to the reviews at NO CLEAN SINGING and finish off by saying this album has pretty much set the years standard for tech-death, and yes, those are fightin’ words.

NCS Review

And my favorite track, “Varangian Paradise”

Next is the newest release from Revocation with the “Teratogenesis” I mentioned a couple weeks ago. As I mentioned, I had high hopes for this EP and thanks to Revocation being so ass-kickingly awesome, of course they didn’t disappoint. Five songs of unrelenting fury, razor sharp riffing and flaming solo work claw Revocation some breathing room in what’s becoming a crowded genre.

You can get the EP for free from ScionAV and they’re starting a tour with KEN mode and A Life Once Lost, which I’ll be catching as it rampages on through Toronto.

ScionAV download

NYC hooligans Trash Talk have released another track from their album “119”, scheduled for an October 9th release. “Exile on Broadway” is the track, one minute and twelve seconds of bottle smashing, knuckle busting, teeth shattering and home wrecking hardcore served up with a side of venom and garnished with blood stains.


Lastly we have another new track from Sweden’s Graveyard, from their new album “Lights Out”, scheduled for release November 6th. You can listen to the track, “Endless Night” over on The Wall Street Journal’s entertainment blog, Speakeasy. Never failing to deliver, “Endless Night” brings us some undeniably infectious riffs and one hell of a chorus, all wrapped up in the spit and polish only these guys can provide. I fucking love Graveyard.

“Endless Night” Premiere 



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