Good news everyone! New Revocation EP and Graveyard video

If you missed the reference you should go outside less and watch more cartoons.

Anywho. I’ve got two tasty little tidbits of good news to fling your way, now close your eyes and open wide.

Swedish gods of the riff, Graveyard have been hard at work cranking out their new full-length, “Lights Out”, which is scheduled for a November 6th release thanks to Nuclear Blast. They’ve already released the track “Goliath” and given it a lyric video. Now there’s an actual video, which is pretty daft if you ask me, as lyrics videos are redundant to begin with and doubly so when your just going to go ahead and release a video anyway…

So now there’s a video for you to watch, although it’s not even like you need an excuse to listen to some blissful, blissful shredding. I’ve got pretty high hopes for this album and “Goliath” doesn’t disappointing.

The video is…a video, the band playing on what looks like a late ’70’s talk show set to a audience looking at their cell phones and some wolf puppets with glowing red eyes. So yeah, that’s below.

The second bit of good news is even juicer. Revocation have got a new EP in the works, titled “Teratogenesis” (Means the development of defects in an embryo) coming out tomorrow from ScionAV… for FREE! Yeah that’s right, a new EP from one of the best bands shoehorning themselves in the metal genre, for fucking free.

It must be said that I really don’t like Scion that much. Once you scrape away the fancy paint and “youth” image all your left with is a Toyota and a mid-life crisis. Although what they’ve been doing in the alternative/extreme metal scene has been pretty fantastic. Sponsoring tours, albums and free EP’s from numerous bands with Revocation, Wormrot and The Melvins to name a few. So on that front Scion, keep it up! Although this turns into some big corprate scheme in order to get people into more Toyota’s Scions, then you’re doing a damn good job of hiding it.

Now that my rant is out of the way you can find both tracks being streamed over on MetalSucks. The title track and “Bound by Desire” show that Revocation has absolutely no intention of releasing anything less that stellar with the two tracks chock full of original riffage, white-hot shred and neck breaking grooves. Get some below and get the EP tomorrow!

“Bound by Desire” MetalSucks

“Teratogenesis” MetalSucks


2 Responses to “Good news everyone! New Revocation EP and Graveyard video”

  1. I really like the Graveyard track. Cool idea for the video, too, even if i am not exactly sure what the were going for.

    I think that red eyed thing looked too much like a sock monkey… no idea what that was for.


  2. I agree with everything you said, except for the fact that Scions are rad as fuck!

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