Musical Offerings: SardoniS


I know I said that week long absences wouldn’t happen once school started but it’s been a busy couple weeks and my blogging laid by the wayside. Thanks to school, moving, nice weather, a new book and a couple new big-release albums, I’ve been very distracted.

I am here now though and I come bearing a gift in sonic form, that gift being “II” from SardoniS, a Belgium duo churning out heavy riffs scorched with the fires of hell and dripping distortion. They’ve been releasing music since 2008 and their newest came out on June 18th of this year.

Right from the get-go you know what’s coming. “Burial of Men” opens with a massively downtuned riff and booming tom’s punching through the haze. There’s no pretty lead in, no scientific sample to set the mood, just thunderous waves of fuzzzzzzz.

The pacing sets itself firmly into the doom side of the equation, at least that’s what it leads you to believe. The track takes it’s time to build but once it does it kicks things into gear and ups the pace to some high-speed head banging.

This bait-and-switch layout makes several more appearances through the album, with your head lulled into a gentle nod before the cloven hoof comes flying at the back of your unprotected skull. I should probably also mention this in an entirely instrumental effort, something which I really enjoy. Vocals are an instrument in themselves, but sometimes it’s nice to let the riff dominate the soundstage.

SardoniS seem to have a grab bag of interesting riffage and grooves up their sleeves, they never really get too caught up in Sabbathian dirges, instead choosing to flex their musical muscles over the course of the 7 tracks.

“II” is up for 7 EUR on Bandcamp and it’s also available in CD and vinyl formats for your listening pleasure.

SardoniS Bandcamp

SardoniS Facebook



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