Late Video Fees: Trash Talk, Nekrogoblikon & High on Fire

Here’s a hodgepodge of videos that were released in the last 30 days or so but I only got my lazy ass around to talking about now.

I had previously mentioned that Nekrogoblikon were working on a video for their track, “No One Survives”. With a recipe including porn star Kayden Kross and a full goblin costume thanks to Monster Effects everything pointed towards a killer video and they most certainly did deliver. It tells the story of Goblin, a middle aged goblin horde retiree who now works as a white collar grunt for a mildly successful accounting firm. Deep down his heart years for his female co-worker but the nefarious Brad is standing in his way.

Goblins, blood, middle-management and a well-crafted sense of humor, what else do you need?

NYC’s Trash Talk are easily one of my top hardcore bands. The blistering combination of aggression, brutality and ear-shredding riffage always kept me entertained. They’ve been receiving their own fair share of attention since they recently signed to Odd Future Records (Tyler the Creators label). Some people seem to think this melding of hip-hop and hardcore is breaking some sort of taboo but I think it’s awesome we’re getting collaborations from two artists at the extreme ends of their genres.

Anyways. The new video in question is “FEBN” from their soon to be released album, “119” due out on October 9th. Trash Talk have always had a high standard when it comes to videos and the newest offering is no exception. Shot in black and white it uses a couple tricks to play it off as one continuous shot of skating, partying, fighting and general mayhem. The song itself is a crunchy back-alley brawler, hyped off speed and looking for a fight.

Last up is stoner metal stalwarts, High on Fire. Taken from their newest record, “Der Vermis Mysteriis”, the video for “Fertile Green” is a trip and a half. Telling the story of Jesus’  bad-ass biker twin who drives around on his Harley and fucks shit up. There’s also some deeply thought provoking stuff about time and space packed in there but if your like me you’ll be too busy staring slackjawed at the pretty colors and visual effects wizardry on display. Enjoy.


5 Responses to “Late Video Fees: Trash Talk, Nekrogoblikon & High on Fire”

  1. That nekrogoblikon vid was pretty good.

    Does the new HoF vid mean that Matt Pike is out of Rehab?

    –googles “matt pike rehab” and gets a ton of links saying yes, he is out.

    Pretty stoned out vid for a sober guy.

    Check out this amazing pic that SLEEP (Pike’s previous gig) recently took: now that is freakin METAL.


    • You can take the man to rehab but you’ll never get the psychedelics out of the man.

      I can’t even comprehend the amount of awesome in that band photo, setting the standard right there.

      • Technically, he was in for alcohol addiction, so herb may still be on his table, i dunno. Still a badass guitar player and part of 2 amazing bands. perhaps the rest of HoF are still crazy, who knows.


        P.s. Like the new cityscape style background.

        • Ah fair enough. Even if there is crazy left, it’s the good kind of crazy.

          And thanks, I’ve been playing with different ones to find something that fits.

          • HoF are from Cali, so maybe the got a medical herb card? I know they tour alot so you got to figure they enjoy themselves on the road.

            I keep lookin at those rooftops hoping to see some young thing catching some sun, but all i see are condenser units.


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