The Classics: Signs, Signs, Signs

It’s time for another classic, plucked from the endless rotation of classic rock radio stations and thrust forth into the Church’s grubby collection plate.

Five Man Electrical Band are a Canadian group who were originally known as The Staccato’s in the early ‘60’s. They released around 8 albums since their formation in 1966 but never became a household name in what was becoming a crowded playing field.

It wasn’t until 1970 and the B-side to their “Hello Melinda Goodbye” single, that they would achieve any notable fame. The B-side in question is the song “Signs” and it helped catapult them to a #3 spot on the Billboard 100 chart.

They would follow this up with one more success in “Absolutely Right” before simmering down back into their previous obscurity. “Signs” proved to the bands one hit wonder, as it’s still getting somewhat irregular rotation on the majority of radio stations.

The track itself is an up-tempo story telling of the social unrest and discrimination that was brewing at the time. Fatboy Slim popularized one of the songs main lyrics, “Long haired freaky people need not apply” in his track, “Don’t Let the Main Get You Down”.

“Signs” is very much about getting away from the man and looking past the posted signs and orders. It’s a song that still resonates with me today, as it’s easy to judge someone based on  the norm, all the while grossly underestimating their abilities.

Anyway. Listen below and I’ve also included “Absolutely Right”, free of charge.


One Response to “The Classics: Signs, Signs, Signs”

  1. …also a moderately big hit for Tesla many years later. But of course the original is infinitely better.

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