Comfort food fuzz from The South

I have a problem with The Black Keys. It’s not a problem with their music, or a problem with their image. It’s a problem with their popularity. I have no problem with an artist becoming famous and getting credit where credit is due. The main problem I have is that people have drawn the conclusion that The Black Keys are the be all and end all of blues rock as we know it.

Yes they make good songs and yes many, many, many people like those songs but they didn’t create the genre and they are far from the only choice when it comes to blues rock. Admittedly what I just said makes me sound like an elitist dick, but I think it’s more due to people not looking outside their radio and just taking what is given to them.

So in order to remedy this problem I’ve got yet another wonderfully fuzzed out blues rock band, this time hailing from Dallas, Texas. The South is the band in question and this three piece collective has one full length self-titled EP out on Bandcamp.

They list their inspiration as The Heavy Eyes, a band I previously mentioned here. The influence is clear, as The South have adopted the tried and true formula of classic riffs, classic fuzz and overall smooth tones.

The South also features the addition of an organ to the standard line-up, which helps to add some psychedelic and stoner flavours to the traditional roots rock recipe. I personally love the sound an organ ads, blending its own synthesized fuzz with that of the guitars.

For the most part the tracks on this EP are perfect summertime staples. A slower pace and gentle, caressing waves of fuzz to complement the (sometimes) gentle sun and the waves of beer washing down your throat.

It’s not complicated music; solo work is at a minimum, as the songs focus more on consistently tasty riffs and memorable song structures. At times the songs delve in the previously mentioned psychedelic direction, with tracks like “Mrs. Absinthe”, giving you the sonic equivalent of a shot of that mysterious drink.

So if another dose of classic riffs and summer lovin’ is what you’ve been looking for, then head on over to Bandcamp where you can pick up “The South EP” for the low cost of FREE! That’s right, totally free, just like running around your neighbourhood naked. Or something.

The South Facebook

The South Bandcamp


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