STOP THE PRESSES: New Graveyard track!

So hell fucking yeah! The title’s correct, we finally get to hear a new track from Graveyard’s new album, “Lights Out” that’s due on the 6th of November.

“Goliath” is the Swedish bands first single from the new album and it’s just as monster sized as its biblical namesake.

Graveyard made a name for themselves on “Hisingen Blues”. They took the classic rock sound that so many other bands were working on and took it to new heights. For me personally, nothing touches the work they’ve been doing in their genre.

Nothing has come close to the amount of soul that this music oozes from its pores. The guitar work is a religious experience in itself, with hair-raising solos and comfort food lead riffs dominating the background.

This soul is continued into the vocals, with everything from a back room bar growl to a silky smooth preachers croon. The percussion ties everything together, playing along in perfect harmony.

All of that is present on “Goliath”, with a howling guitar in the background of an instant classic riff. The song is fast paced and up-tempo, keeping your head in a solid bang for its 2:49 run time.

Sadly the track is non-embeddable, as it’s being premiered over on Billboard. The link lies below so hurry up and go listen…like now.

“Goliath” track premiere


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