Smooth like Chedder: APE!

It’s official. I’m back in the institution of money-sucking pigs, also known as post-secondary education. Another year of a careful diet of slacking tempered with grinding as much knowledge into my head as possible.

The good thing about all this is that I can write you a blog post at 2:30 in the PM with a beer in my hand and not feel weird about it at all. It’s fucking wonderful I tell you.

Up on the chopping block today is Philadelphia’s APE! This hard rocking three piece has been producing albums since 2009 and their newest release, “1991”, was released on the 11th of August. Their sound is equal parts classic rock, stoner and a tad of grunge; yielding something that sounds modern but still pays its dues to the classics.

It might be the mix or it might just be the way they play, but APE! has a very mellow tint to their music. Everything just sounds comfortable; nothing is trying to kill you, or rip your lower intestine out through your nose, or steal your kidneys. It’s just rock and a little bit of roll out for a little bit of a good time.

Tracks like the opener, “1991” or “Social Punishment Theory”, are prime examples of the mellower grooves that APE! bring to the table.  It’s hard for me to nail down specific things to say about this band. At the end of the day its great rock ‘n’ roll and there’s not much more you can say past that.

APE! showcases what happens when you have a group of guys who know how to play their instruments and know how to write songs. There’s no gimmicks or flashy packaging, just good music served up hot to order.

“1991” is up for a name your price option on Bandcamp, the perfect complement to your early September afternoon.

APE! Facebook

APE! Bandcamp



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