The Backlog: Earthrise

Well hello there. Just three more days of work, then a week of freedom, then back into the brain-chipper that is post-secondary education. There will be a lot more music come September and even the possibility of a radio show if I get lucky.

Until then I’ll keep working through my backlog of tunes so I can start refilling the coffers.

Earthrise is a post-metal band from Minneapolis. I was contacted by them about a month ago and am just hauling my fat ass around to giving their sounds a listen through. Their hybrid of post-metal technicality and sludgeriffic distortion is equal parts neck snapping, spine crushing and bleeding craniums.

The full length album, “Eras Lost”, is a bedrock solid piece of heavy music. Taking cues from bands like KEN mode, Converge and Unsane, the music is discordantly beautiful, with the complex signatures from post-metal being filled with all that glorious distortion and fuzz that sludge brings to the table.

Best enjoyed at maximum volume with a set of speakers that can handle some sizable bass, you had better take the fine china off the cupboard because the whole house is going to rattle as you jump into the opening track, “Challenger Deep”.

Sludge rears its satanic influence once again, with the classic “creepy voice talking about something significant” sample opening up the gates from a crushing barrage of low-end grunt, pulverizing percussion and knife edged melodies surfing the underlying musical turmoil.

The album does a good job of balancing its two major influences, as post-metal and sludge make excellent partners when employed properly. The bile-spitting vocals dance between hardcore and metal, never picking a side and always working with the music.

So aside from the music being a sonic cannon of distorted riffs, blown eardrums and toad popping low end, I’d also like to give bonus points to their band bio. Usually post-metal bands tend to be a little bit long in the, “serious and deep and technical and ground-breaking…man” tooth but Earthrise’s bio focuses on more important things, like beard density and their undeniably sensuality.

Even better news is that “Eras Lost” is up on Bandcamp for a name your price option.  Now go find as many speakers as you can, construct a massive wall of sound and go blow your house down.

Earthrise Facebook

Earthrise Bandcamp


One Response to “The Backlog: Earthrise”

  1. Some killer riffs in there. Definitely worth the listen. The album has a good flow, start to finish, too.


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