News Dump: Graveyard, Nekrogoblikon, Kvelertak & Wolfshead

Time for a quick smattering of news that I’ve hacked together over the last couple weeks. Two new albums and video from some Church favorites.

First up.

Graveyard are one of the, if not the best band in the current classic rock revival we’ve got going on. Those may seem like big words but I have heard nothing that comes to their level in terms of musical craftsmanship and general rock ‘n’ fucking roll. If you haven’t already listened to their album, “Hisingen Blues” at least 30 times, go do so. Right now.

So the good news is there’s a new fucking album in the works. Entitled “Lights Out”, it’s due out on November 6th from Nuclear Blast. The cover has been released and lies below.

Now Nekrogoblikon have been working a video for quite a while now. With pornstar Kayden Kross and a full goblin costume from Monster FX studios, it looks to be the perfect blood sacrifice to their track “No One Survives” from the album “Stench”. The video premieres on Bloody Disgusting on September 4th. Teaser below!

No One Survives Teaser

And Kvelertak, the Norwergian masters of black ‘n’ roll, have finally entered the studio thanks to this tweet:

So HELL FUCKING YES. Their 2010 self-titled album is still one of my hands down favorite albums, with a beer-belching blend of blood drenched black metal and beer soaked bar rock. So. fucking. good.

Annnd finally Wolfshead, have a new track in the works which we will be posted up here on the Church on September 11th. Let me just say you’ll want to give this a listen because she’s a ripper.

That’s all the crap I have. Enjoy folks!


2 Responses to “News Dump: Graveyard, Nekrogoblikon, Kvelertak & Wolfshead”

  1. Damn, dude, this is an awesome dump. I’d go so far as to say it’s a whale-sized dump, and you know they don’t come any bigger than that.

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