The Backlog: Naked Brown

Oh hi there!

Only two more weeks of my summer left and I absolutely no fucking clue where the other ones went. Good news for you is that with me in school you get music pretty much every day. Bad news for me is well, I’m back in school.

There’s been a couple bands that have been chilling in my favorites since I wrote my exams in April. I’ve decided that this week I’ll stop being a fucking slacker and get that music out from under the cupboard so I can go back to deep-sea fishing on bandcamp.

Naked Brown are a 4 piece band from Gdansk, Poland. They play rock ‘n’ roll. Dirty, sleazy, meaty and fucking crunchy rock ‘n’ roll. This is my musical meat and potatoes, no sauce, just char marks and dripping meat.

“Sleepless” puts the hammer down as the first of four tracks on this EP. A hard charging riff builds into a classic rawk breakdown, with a neck snapping groove serving as the propulsion for this tasty bundle of fiery mayhem. Gruff, back-alley bar vocals, bark into your ears, fueling the big ‘ole monster truck of sound these guys are crafting. Right around 2:54 you get your freshly healed neck broken once again as the song not only trashes the room, but soaks it in whiskey and burns the fucker down.

Now that your paying attention, Naked Brown move into a bit more bluesy territory with “Chicken George”. Classic stoner riffs, seasoned with just a touch of blues cheese, swagger on into the forefront. Very much a traditional song, “Chicken George” shows off strong songwriting skills and damn tasty guitar work, wrapped up in a grease-stained newspaper and served hot to order.

“Singin’ the Blues” follows a very similar route. With an infectious hook grabbing you right from the start and holding your attention until the last drone of distortion fades away. A very surprising but very pleasing blues/jazzy breakdown occupies the middle of the track, serving as a diving board for probably my favorite solo on the album. It just sounds so damn classic.

The EP is closed out with “My Way”, which follows their established formula of using riffage to grab you by the balls and force that head to bang. Packing together an indestructible groove with some precise solo work makes this 5 minute track seem just too short. Seriously. These are some of the meatiest riffs I’ve had the pleasure to hear, bands like this are the sole reason I started the Church. Just good old fashioned riff worship.

Oh and the best part? The entire EP is up for free on Bandcamp. I don’t know why, other than these guys are just super generous because there are thousands of shittier bands putting price tags on their music. I’m hoping they keep at it and we get a full length in the future.


Naked Brown Bandcamp

Naked Brown Facebook



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