The Big Damn Band with a Big Damn new video

I’m home! Eight hour drive and then straight to a party for the local Potato Festival. Yeah I live in the country, can you tell?

So with that half-assed intro into country shenanigans I’ve got a new video and song from my hillbilly bluegrass favorites, The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band.

The song is “Devils Look Like Angels” from their newest album, “Between the Ditches”, that was released last Tuesday. This Indiana based three piece has been playing a southern battered, fried and sauced medley of roots, bluegrass and good times.

I was first introduced to their music at a Warped Tour a couple of years ago. While wandering around a couple side stages, I noticed this huge dude with an equally massive beard checking his gear. Upon further inspection I spotted a 20 gallon pail as a tom drum and a washboard hiding in the wings. Intrigued, I decided to wait for the fairy footed deathcore band beside them to finish. Just as they were about half way through their last song, The Rev. and company took the stage, ready their instruments and waited.

The final drone of deathcore had hardly even faded before the Reverend opened up on of the biggest cans of shred I’ve had the joy to witness. His guitar must have been cranked way past eleven, as he shredded with an ear bleeding ferocity for at least two minutes. No song, just that gorgeous guitar tone.

The tactic was understandable since the audience at Warped Tour isn’t exactly looking for some bluegrass flavor. They got shuffled onto to the bill thanks to being signed to Side One Dummy. After all the scenesters had skulked away, it left a small crowd that wasn’t about to leave a good thing.

So with no expectations, their set absolutely blew me away. The amount of energy and fun they packed into their set was astonishing and I don’t think there was one person not dancing. At one point there was a skank pit with a group of people square dancing in the middle, then the washboard player grabbed a jug of lighter fluid, tossed some on the instrument and lit it up. Literally.

Their music is so simple and elegant, with the metallic clatter of the washboard in perfect harmony with the thump and twang of the Rev’s blues guitar. It’s country born and southern fried, honest and delicious.

“Devils Look Like Angels” builds on their established bluegrass sound, with the big guitar swagger taking up most of the elbow room, the washboard and drums serving as perfect complements. One of their slower tracks, it sets a solid foot tapping pace along with it’s sticky sweet groove.

The video is quite clever, playing on the songs title with a what looks like a little angel turning out to be a right little bitch.

Once I get my grubby little paws on the full album they’ll be a full review. Until then here’s the video for “Devils Look Like Angels”.

The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band Facebook


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