Hold the phone: New Indian Handcrafts track

Barrie native’s Indian Handcrafts are one of the very few things that make me happy to say I live in and around that city. I’ve talked about their distortion-train sound of their EP here, as well as the teaser video for their new album here.

Today we get to taste an entire song off their debut, “Civil Disobedience for Losers”. The track is entitled “Bruce Lee” and it’s just as spastic acrobatic and hard hitting as it’s kung-fu namesake.

The big news about this debut is that they not only scored both Melvins drummers, they also got to have their longtime producer, Toshi Kasai take the helm. With such a sludge powerhouse lineup, there really was only one direction for this to go and that direction is straight through the fucking roof.

My only little niggle with this lineup is that it might be hard to duplicate live, since they’ve used a range of musicians from a different country, that being said, I’m reserving judgement until I actually see them live, which will hopefully be soon.

A gong opens up for a delicious riff and off kilter vocal harmonies. The Melvins marinade is quite obvious and by no means is it a bad thing. Indian Handcrafts have provided their own hot sauce to the mix, as the track is much more frantic and energetic, almost delving into pop-sludge territory (Read: Torche).

With a rock steady groove established, the song takes it’s time playing with several builds and breakdowns. The guitar work is on point, the drumming deadlier than a bucketfuls of anthrax and the vocals carry an insane edge to their already psychotic energy. It’s sludge running on a shot of methamphetamine to the heart, the sonic equivalent to the movie “Crank”, just as crazy and twice as deadly.

I was salivating for this album before, now I’m positively drooling in anticipation of this release. Scheduled for sometime in the fall, “Civil Disobedience for Losers” is going to be a contender for sure.

Sadly the track was premiered on Spin, so you have to mosey on over there to give it a listen. So go do that. Now. NOW.

“Bruce Lee” Spin Premiere


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