Pet the Preacher. Pet it real good.

Well hello there. It’s been a luverly couple of days so I’ve been hauling my ass outside to enjoy weather that isn’t a sweltering heatwave or thunderstorm.

My return to the computer screen finds me with a anonymous tip pointing me in the direction of some tasty, tasty riffs. The riffs in question come courtesy of the Denmark based Pet The Preacher. Self categorized as “heavy stoner blues”, it’s a damn good description of their meaty grooves and plentiful headbanging. Their debut album, “The Banjo” is a ten track concept album detailing the journey of a man on his way out of hell.

Normally I give concept albums a wide berth, as they tend to degrade into a directionless scrambling of songs that are just too damn long. Pet the Preacher do an excellent job of avoiding this stereotype and just producing and album that flows together seamlessly, telling it’s story without getting caught up in the fine print.

The sound is rock solid, with a clean mix punctuated by a rumbling bass tone and gut punching guitar work. Everything is coated in a distinctive southern flair, showcased in many of the riff choices and the vocal styling. It wouldn’t be much of a stretch to call this a straight cut hard rock album but the song structures and grooves are much more well developed than your common hard rock radio trash.

I will say I do have one major disappointment with the album. On the title track of “The Banjo”, there is never actually a banjo. Seriously guys, don’t get me all blue balled for some glorious finger-pickin’ goodness to come flying through the speakers with such a misleading title. Sure it’s a good song, but it could have been an awesome song had you actually brought in some backwoods banjo work.

Instrumental grumbles aside, “The Banjo” is a solid album from start to finish. It doesn’t try to break any molds or do anything crazy. Instead it provides a solid does of rawkin’ with a good grab bag of sweet and sour riff balls.

“The Banjo” is on bandcamp for 60 DKK or $10 CAD. Links lie beneath.

Pet the Preacher Facebook

Pet the Preacher Bandcamp


4 Responses to “Pet the Preacher. Pet it real good.”

  1. That Bass intro is beastly. With a song called ‘Cancer you fucking bitch’ you don’t think you can go wrong….


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