Iron Lamb don’t like you

Thanks to the folks over at the Crust Punk facebook page (In Grind We Crust), I’m now aware of a group of Swedish bastards known as Iron Lamb.

I stumbled my way through the bowels of the internet to find myself on their Bandcamp page for their debut full length, “The Original Sin”. 10 tracks of napalm and gasoline later my head’s stuck in perpetual motion and I still can’t figure out how my bed got lit on fire. A combination of equal parts Motorhead, Turbonegro and rubbing alcohol, their brand of punk ‘n’ roll is dirty but still groovy and just a little crust over the top to keep it interesting.

The band is comprised of a variety of ex-extreme metallers, General Surgery, Dismember, Dellamorte  and Ghost, to name a few. This background in slitting throats and shredding guitars gives Iron Lamb it’s underlying metallic edge. Kinda like a lamb from the movie Black Sheep, where all the sheep turn into bloodthirsty packs of mittens and scarves.

The Turbonegro influences shine through in a lot of the melodies and just classic punk ‘n’ roll sound that they defined. Simple, infectious riffs, at least one solo a song and multiple vocal harmonies or gang shout outs. Favorite solo definitely goes to “Dubious Preacher”, with the closing solo shredding, schralping and screaming it’s way across the fretboard and through your eardrums.

So at the end of the day you’ve got a collection of Sweden’s elite metallers cranking out crusty punk riffs and minty fresh solos at a furious pace. Is there really anything else you need to know?

“The Original Sin” is on Bandcamp from $9.90 and I’m going to guess it’s on iTunes but quite frankly, I’m too damn lazy to check.

Headbang away!

Iron Lamb Facebook

“The Original Sin” Bandcamp



4 Responses to “Iron Lamb don’t like you”

  1. ‘Black Sheep’ references are killer.

    Big fan of Iron Lamb, What would you call this, ‘punk n roll’? I have been digging some of these motorhead inspired bands lately, but punk n roll is a new term for me. I will have to see if it is on the Official Map Of Metal.


    • Yeah definitely punk ‘n’ roll, it’s not evil enough to be considered crust and it you put ‘n roll on the end of anything it always gets better.

      Soap ‘n’ roll, way better than regular soap.

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