Oh Australia: Number 3

D’awwww. Red Pandas and Koalas, my only two weaknesses.

So yeah, the weekend happened so your getting this post now. Deal with it.

If you missed it, you can find parts one and two of our Australian outback adventure here and here. Today we continue on our trek with 6 new tracks ranging from the darkest bowels of sludge to the progressive sandstorms of the deserts.

Kicking things off with a steel tipped boot is Space Bong with “The Death Kneel (The New Death)”. Standing true to the long line of bands with either bong, weed or dope in their name, Space Bong bring down a thousand ton hammer of annihilating distortion, bile-dripping vocals and satanic grooves. Possibly the heaviest track on the collection, it hits hard, grinding you into an incomprehensible pulp by the end of it’s 12 minute run time. It’s slow, violent and fucking destructive. Turn it up and blaze out.

DEAD pick up right where Space Bong leave off. “Of All The People I Know I Hate You More”, the distortion and tone get slowed down to a crawl while the overall blanket of never ending evil is replaced by one of anger and despair. A sludge/noise rock hybrid, it still hits hard, but it hits hard to reinforce it’s point, not just to smash your skull open and feast on the grey matter. The track oozes rage as it drags itself forward, through blood and broken glass.

The tone is changed completely with “The End” from No Anchor. A pleasantly fuzzed out noise rock groove bounces and jangles it’s way through your cranium. A solid head nodding jam that takes some of the darker vibes from hardcore, placing it firmly in the post- category. It’s a pleasant track that doesn’t do anything surprising or fancy, it just throws down.

Futility “And I Still Hate” is one of my least favorite tracks on the collection. It’s kind of a slowed down death metal song, stretched out over 14 minutes. I’m sure there’s people who will dig this track but something stylistically wasn’t sitting right with me. It wasn’t quite sludge and it wasn’t quite death, it was just a little odd.

“Her Last Gasp in the Gallows (Part 1)” by Sore is a solid tune. Grey and grim southern fried doom, with big monster grooves and plenty of tasty guitar tangents. It’s slow and bleak, a trek through the wilderness, hungry, cold, bleeding and alone. The soundtrack to your doom, it’s the desert’s funeral dirge for the weak and unwilling. Periods absent of noise, with a faint guitar are your dying breath, while a pack of wolves, fueled by distortion, follow your bloodstained footsteps.

Nous, “Steps of Quietus” is almost a direct continuation of Sore’s song. The despair is tempered with an overriding evil as the wolves catch up to you. Your legs are weak, your reserves gone as you slump to the ground. The putrid vocals are the reaper biting at your heals, matching pace with the wolves that taste your flesh. There is no hope and there is no time, the last screech of guitar is your last, strained, scream of futility.

We’re almost complete our Australian journey, with the last couple tracks taking a turn for the dark side, there’s been an awesome amount of variety in the songs so far. Your links lie below. Have at ‘er!

Art As Catharsis Facebook

Drone From The Underside of the Earth Bandcamp



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